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Latest Projects:

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Griff The Invisible
Applications | Jan 2011

Griff¬† The Invisible is a high profile Australian super hero film, starring True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten.

Code and Visual was contracted to provide a range of services for the production by Green Park Pictures. Various digital props were developed to be used in building the main character’s surveilance station as well as computer related scenes in the depicted office environment.¬†

Artwork was also provided to be used on camera as early-stage character designs explored by the main character.

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Eliza Aprtments Sydney
Websites | Jan 2011

The Eliza Site was developed by Code and Visual for Bapple. It is a clean architectural site designed as a marketing tools for the new multi-million dollar apartment complex next to Sydney’s Hyde Park.

The site is built using Rainbow Live Flash CMS and enables better search engine SEO by using swfAddress and the automatically generated sitemap file exported by Rainbow.

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Games | Jan 2011

Tooth’N'Claw is the latest release from Code and Visual’s web game label, Actionsprite.

Are you a Cat person or a Dog person?

Tooth ‘N’Claw is a fun platform game for all agaes in which you choose a side and earn points to help keep them on top. By using Facebook logins as well as daily and all time competitions, the game is designed to attract player to return to the game to support their side.